Imagine! Your mobile app, developed and published for much less than you expect

Your loyal customers or valued members can have all the benefits of your App on their mobile phone.

Cupcake mobile app development and publishing, Corby

Bake it + Publish it = your Cupcake Mobile App

Why Mobile Apps matter

Why bother with a Mobile App?

Mobile Apps have a number of very specific advantages for businesses and groups whose success depend on ongoing relationships with their clients and members.

1. When someone's got your App on their phone or tablet, it's always there.

2. Build in special benefits for users of your App.

3. Bring together the range of resources your users need into one easy interface - both online and offline.

Affordable mobile apps

An Affordable App.  Really?

You'll pay well under £500,
NOT £5000 for your Cupcake App!

We use a 'ready made' solution with lots of fantastic built-in features which means the price stays low as possible.

We also bring our experience both of understanding what a business wants and professionalism to personalise and customise your CupCake uniquely for your needs.

Create an App for a target group

Who are Cupcake Apps designed for?

Cupcake Apps best when you have a particular target group in mind - such as a new group of learners on a course, or your loyal customers.

We have created Cupcake Apps for Small businesses, Education Providers and Teams - each App is designed with a specific purpose in mind and targetted with particular benefits for the users involved.