Baking your Cupcake App

Ingredients for building your Mobile App

We'll help make the process easy for you

We create and design your App with  your ingredients and our flair for  putting it all together  to be a pleasure  for your users  

App Creation and Design

We meet and listen to you

Before anything else, we need to find out about: 
1.  Your project ideas - including the BENEFITS your user group will gain from using your App
2.  The way you already present your business both online and offline - your 'company image'
3.  The online and offline resources you have already that you want to combine in your App.

Mixing and making your cupcake app

Mixing and making

We draw these elements together, and create an attractive, user-friendly interface for your users. Your colours, logo, printed material, logos, pictures, Facebook feeds, video streams, database resources and our bespoke icons all go into the pot together as ingredients to make a perfect Cupcake App.

You can easily manage and edit your App once it's published through the online admin panel.

Online and Offline resources

Your Cupcake App can include BOTH :
Online resources (such as web links and feeds, map directions and more)
Offline  information that you want to make available to your users even when they are not connected to the internet (such as fixed information, documents and pictures)
PLUS Special Benefits (eg promotional codes and special offers) your users will gain by using your  App.

What baking doesn't include

What baking DOES NOT include

Please note that making your Cupcake App does NOT include the creation of new database material (eg calendars, blogs and e-shops). We can work with you to create these elements as part of a separate web design project and we have lots of experience to help you achieve this objective with an eye to tight budget control.