Mobirise Web Page Builder

Prices and Offers

Total price = £295 + your 'Publish It' choices


Prices to 'Bake It':  Creation and Design

One Standard price: £295


  • Time for planning and gathering resources with you (up to 3 hours)
  • Designing colours,backgrounds and icons
  • Pulling resources and design together
  • Amendments and handover (up to 2 hours)


Important: standard price excludes

  • New logo design
  • Original Photography
  • Creating new Database or Calendar material

Work on these exclusions chargeable at £40/hour


You undertake full responsibilty for your right to publish any images or material you supply.

Price to 'Publish It' (Annual)

Bitesize publishing from AppMakr Market

Bitesize Publishing
£45 per year

Download your App direct from the AppMakr Market: downloads to Android phones ONLY

Your App is also available as HTML5 mobile website, for access by any online device.

We provide a unique Web Address AND QR Code to make it easy for your users to download your Android App direct

The Works Publishing

The Works
£145 per year

All costs of managing and publishing your App to Android Google Play Store AND Apple App Store for public downloading. 

PLUS All ‘Bitesize’ publishing features 

The Apple App Store does not automatically include all apps that are submitted to them, so we cannot guarantee inclusion, even though your App will be completed to App Store highest standards.

Password Protection

Password Protection Option:
Add £35 per year

Optional ‘Password Protection’ for your App users when you want to restrict access to your App (eg limit use within a Work Team)

A security Guarantee
In the unlikely case of a security issue with your App, our guarantee to you is that we will unpublish your App and rebuild and publish it without further cost, within 21 days of receiving your written or email notification of your issue. This is on the condition that your account is current and up to date at the time of your notification.


15% discount when:

  1. You commission both your mobile friendly website and Cupcake App from us in a six month period. Cupcake Apps is part of JS Consulting, Corby, specialists in Mobile friendly website design
  2. You commission more than one Cupcake App from us in a six month period.


5% discount for full payment with order